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Monday, September 6, 2010

2010 Top 5 Fantasy Running Backs

2010 Fantasy Running Backs

Top 5 Fantasy Running Backs Picks
1 )   Adrian Peterson (MIN) Consistently number 1 or 2 in everyone's draft with an ADP of 2.6. Peterson has taken the league by storm the last three season toppling 1,300+ yards and rushing for double digit touchdowns. Most NFL stars have an anomaly season at some point (Manning 04', Tomlinson 05',  Brady 08', Johnson 09'). Now guess what other super star running backs had career highs in their 4th season? That's right, Terrell Davis and LaDainian Tomlinson! 
2)    Chris Johnson (TEN) Hard to find much wrong with the guy. This dynamic back could take it to the house anytime he touches the ball. But questions remain. Was 09' just an anomaly? He reached the coveted 2,000 yard mark putting him in a exclusive club with NFL legends in only his second season. Can he repeat? No, one has ever rushed for over 2,000 yards twice.  Is he elusive to injury as he is an on coming defender? The last back to topple 350 carries Mr. Turner spend 5 games on the sideline due to injury. Also, fellow 2,000 yard member Jamal Lewis saw his career numbers decrease after his 387 carries 2000+ yard season; missing 4 games the following season.
3)    Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) Can SUPERMAN do it again? The offensive line has been questionable in the run blocking department and may slow him down. But he always seems to find the end-zone averaging 13.5 TDs per season!
4)    Ray Rice (BAL) Top 5 pick in most drafts. All purpose back with more ways to score than Tiger Woods. Rice's number 1 concern is figuring out how he will poach goal-line vulture McGahee who snagged a whopping 12 TDs last season! 

5)    Frank Gore (SF)  He's been over 1000 yards the last four years. He had 13 touchdowns rushing and receiving last season. This bull is ready to "Gore" defense backs!

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