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Friday, October 9, 2009


No no no it is not like THAT!
Tom Brady has been nothing special this season and has a MIGHTY soft schedule week 14-17.
I play to WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS! A 16-0 season means nothing with the trophy sound familiar Patriot fans?

wk 14 CAR Panthers have only 2 interceptions on the season, averaging 2 and a half touchdowns per game via the air and have allowed a quarterback rating of 94.6.

wk 15 BUF Allowed 11th most yards in the NFL Brady already lit them up in week 1 looking rusty.10th in passing touchdowns allowed.

wk 16 JAC Allowed most yards per game in NFL. 6th in passing touchdowns allowed.

wk 17 HOU don't let the stats mislead you they are horrible all around on defense.

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