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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Fantasy Update

I finally got my first win in my 14 team league (that I MUST WIN) after a crushing 2 point loss in week 2.

Overall I think I went 7-4. A much needed improvement after the 1-10 fiasco that was week 2.
My losses in week 3 were not only within 5 points like last week but I was putting up scores in the high 90s on ESPN and lost. Anyone who plays ESPN know that if you put up 90 points most the time you are the team that wins. Not this week, thanks to MDJ, Pierre Thomas, and any other JERK that went berserk against me in week.

As far as NFL picks are concerned I went 12-4 putting me at 33-15 on the season.

Week 1 -12-4
Week 2 - 9-7
Week 3 - 12-4

I will have my picks up tomorrow and go over last weeks picks.

There is a ESPN group where some of us are picking games each week. I finished 3rd because I picked the Panthers over Dallas.
If anyone is interested in joining I will have the link with my picks for this week.

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