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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rodney Harrison Makes an Ass of Himself

Nothing annoys me more than a freshly retired player attacking players currently in the national football league. Recall the ass that is Tiki Barber raking Eli Manning over the coals after his retirement? The comments that he made me lose any respect I had for Tiki Barber as a player.

“He’s so miserable . . . he seeks so much attention,” Harrison said during an interview on WEEI. “Something happened a long, long [time] ago, before we even knew T.O., that just made him like this.
“He’s a clown. He’s all about the circus show and the cameras. But you better believe he’ll have Shawn Springs in his grill and Brandon Meriweather putting his helmet down his throat. So, I’m excited about seeing that on Monday." - Rodney Harrison

"When it comes down to it, I'm a champion. He'll never have that on his resume. He'll never be a champion. He'll look at his stats and say I was a great football player, but I was never a champion." - Rodney Harrison
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Taking shots at a another player is fine when you are actually still in the league but doing in from a press box is weak.
Here is T.O.'s response


  1. Great stuff. TO be fair though, Rodney Harrisson has always been a talker whether on the field or off it. In addition, I hear him talk on Football Night in America and he sounds like he still plays for the Patriots (heard his "compliments" of Rex Ryan after the Jets beat out the Pats?). But the funniest of it all, is that he is not beyond reproach. It's like TO tweeted, his HGH business is out there....

  2. Rodney Harrison is no stranger to making an ass of himself, but TO invites that sort of shit.

    I think Tiki Barber was a bit, because he was going out of his way to go after he Giants and Manning and airing a lot of dirty laundry. It was very contrived and obvious.