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Monday, October 12, 2009

Jacksonville Jaguars more like the Jacksonville Kittens.


The Jaguars went into Seattle and were served a 41-0 beat down.
This is one of those games as a fan I wish was blacked out it was that bad to watch as you could imagine if it were your team. The team looked pathetic. This was not a game I expected the Jaguars to win if Hasselbeck played. However, I did not expect a monster blowout. I don’t blame the players, because for the most part the talent is there, I blame the coaching staff. As a Jaguar fan I have been highly critical of the team, which has been mismanaged and coached during the Jack Del Rio era. I have not liked Del Rio since day one so know this is not me overacting to one game. I feel if you are to replace my beloved Tom Coughlin who is a proven winner you must prove to me you are also a winner and he has not that. Del Rio is just 3 games over 500, ( which by the way I don’t consider a winning record) and has won just a single playoff game. This is not the kind of football we expect in Florida with heralded NCCA teams such as Florida, Florida State, and Miami are competitive (frequently appearing in bowl games) and winning national titles (4 combined wins in 6 BSC Championship appearances in this decade).
I will be at the Jaguar game this next Sunday cheering for the Jags (and my favorite running back Steven Jackson) but if they do not win against the lowly Rams, Del Rio needs to be fired right afterwards! I have never liked him and he has never proven he deserves to be a head coach in the national football league.

Now on to the Mike Sims Walker Controversy
“Sims-Walker was deactivated for Sunday's game after he violated the Jaguars' team itinerary during the team's weekend stay in Seattle,” the Florida Times-Union reports.

To be fair Walker knew the rules and for whatever reason (I am going to guess he was out late clubbing) he missed his curfew (so I heard on local radio). Still, despite this violation of team rules I think it should have been handled differently. Fine him, bench him the first half of the game, punish him in practice but to sit him out an entire game where you needed all the help you could get looks bad for the team and the fans. Had Walker and the Jags put up lets say 24 to Seattle 41 the fans are not so upset and the team doesn’t lose that much morale and confidence. But a 41-point blow out does not sell tickets and does nothing for the team morale moving forward. Not to say the Jags would have scored 24 if Walker played but I believe they would have put points on the boards and MJD would have had more success on the ground.

Details on Groves Crash

Now here is what the Jackass excuses me Jack does not want you to know.
Quentin “The Revolving Door” Groves was involved in a hit and run prior to the game on Friday and missed the team plane. But he was still allowed to play! Car accidents, okay accidents happen (a lot for groves who had prior incidents driving) .But this was a hit and run which is not only a crime but poorly reflects the Jaguars in the community. Second, I do not have a list of team rules but I would be shocked if it was not a rule to make the flight with the team. I find Groves playing to be extremely hypocritical of Jack Del Rio. Either you let both Groves and Walker play and sort things out after the game or you inactivate them both. I find what Groves did to be much more worse than whatever the reason was Walker missed curfew because the Jags have played so-so for nine years now and there have been multiple player arrests (all in the Jack Del Rio Error (Era) I might add) where the players have disrespected fans, law enforcement, and poorly reflected the city. Players as part of a community in a city in which they play have an obligation to their fans to behave in a respectable manner off the field. On the field they can be ruthless brutes that is what we want to see but I feel poor conduct off the field reflects on field success. It also reflects the lack of discipline Del Rio has on his team. Incidents like this were not occurring in a Coughlin Era because he is no non-sense (which players may not like but hey it works). But Del Rio is a “player coach” which clearly does not pay off. The benching of Walker while Groves (who has been awful this season) played is going to lose a lot of respect he has in the Jaguar locker room by players and by fans.
As much as I would love to see the Jaguars stomp the Rams I would not mind seeing the game go the other if it guaranteed the imminent firing of Del Rio.
Jack Del Rio came to town promising a high-powered offense, which has yet to be seen. Del Rio can left town and make empty promises to another organization because I am simply tired of losing tired of the Colts winning division every year, tired of the blackouts, and most of all tired of excuses.

Two more things was the entire team hungover and did Del Rio have money on the game? Because they sure played like they did.

Btw if you think my article is slamming the Jaguars it is nothing compared what is written in the Florida Times Union today by journalists and fans alike.

Jaguars make trip to West Coast one to forget

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