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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Fantasy Update Week 5

I don't even want to talk about it but I will. I went 7-5 (In ESPN leagues). I just realized after 4 weeks I have 12 teams not 11 WOW!

I am irrated I am not dominating the way I did last year so this week expect a lot of information here.I will be doing a lot of research this season is quite an intriguing one.

Had some tough losses (I hate scoring big and losing) but at least most my teams are set moving forward. There is one team however that is an absolute mess and looks like it will continue to stay that way. Sadly, it has one win on the season and a week 5 blow-out :/.

I am ranked everywhere from 1st to 10th in my leagues. Next week will be a good indicator to see where my teams are at.
I have a team that leads the league in points (not even close) and has fewest points against but TWO losses. So while those two losses hurt I am confident moving forward.

I turned this team around after starting off 0-3 winning the last two. I have found I typically take my losses the first few weeks of the season then streak wins to end.

Here is the starting roster of my 14 team ESPN League

I started off 0-2 to win the last 3. It is painful to know I was 3 points from being 3-1 at this point.
The entire starting line-up with drafted with the exception of the Hasselbeck (Dropped due to injury ha silly girl) and the Broncos defense.

So right now I am not liking my records but I am doing fairly well in standing and am confident in most of my rosters.

How did your week 5 go?

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