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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Trades Update


Before Week 4
I traded Glen Coffee (to a Gore owner) for Thomas Jones.I felt this was a great offer for me to accept because Jones is more valuable in the long run whereas Coffee is a short term fix to my running back problems. My Team is suffering I have named it the Dead Rivers(in honor of my QB Philip Rivers). The worst team Iown right now winning my first game last week. Why does my team suck? I went Running back (Turner),Wide receiver (Jennings), Wide Receiver (White) so I have no running game and but now I have the receivers A.Boldin (YES! No lie, dropped by the guy that sent me this trade) and Steve Smith I acquired through waivers. My teams I drafted back happy and hold 3 receivers are thriving! So don't buy into that take a WR high nonsense. Your team SUCKS? Work the waivers! It will pay off.


I traded Thomas Jones for Steven Jackson - While Action Jackson had yet to score is is top five in carries and yards.


Before Week 5
After a failed attempt to get Maurice Jones Drew, I was offered Dallas Clark and Steve Smith (CAR) for Eagles Defense and Cadillac Williams. Which I accepted because I felt it was steal, something for nothing. Clark upgrades me at the tight-end position (over Carlson) and Steve Smith will allow me to deal away DeShaun Jackson (or another receiver) with no worry.

Btw I will have guys you NEED to trade for up soon!


  1. dude whos offering you these trades are they smoking crack like these have to be the worst trades of all time...are you in a league with a bunch of 5th graders? jones for cofee LOL a DEFENSE FOR THE BEST TE AND TOP 10 WR WHATTTTTTTTTTT

  2. Yeah man IDK it works for me. Cadillac Williams has been the best trade bait EVER. I dealt him for B. Jacobs after week 2.

  3. Looked at the guys ESPN profile he is 22.