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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sit/Start Week 5 2009



Peyton Manning vs. Titans

Ben Rothlisberger vs. Lions

Brett Farve vs. Rams

Donnovan McNabb vs. Bucs - This should be a nice I am back game for McNabb.

Running Backs

Adrian Peterson vs. Rams - Should put up monster numbers this week.

Rashard Mendenhall vs. Lions

Jerome Harrison vs. Bills - Now that J.Lewis is playing this week, Harrison is downgraded to a flex at best.

Clinton Portis vs. Panthers - He is playing the worst run defense in the NFL it is time for him to put up numbers!

Glen Coffee vs. Falcons - Any back who is getting 25 carries a game is a must start.

Larry Johnson vs. Cowboys - Yep call me crazy. He is getting the carries and Dallas is leaving the holes. (Remember week 1 against Tampa? )

Wide Receiver

ALL ARI Wide Receivers vs. Texans

Hines Ward vs. Det

DeSean Jackson vs Bucs - This should be a tasty match-up!

Tight Ends

John Carlson vs. Jags

Dallas Clark vs.Titans -Let the good time ROLL!


Giants vs. Raiders


Cedric Benson vs. Ravens

Kevin Smith vs. Steelers

Cadillac Williams vs. Eagles

Wide Receiver

Roy Williams vs. Chiefs - Sucks! Match-up means nothing when you lack talent. You should have drop him already if you haven't already.

Roddy White vs.49ers - Has failed to do much this season and against a strong 49er D I don't expect much out of him.

Tight Ends

Zach Miller vs. Giants


Bills vs. Browns - Don't get cute.

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