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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Interview With Colts Fan ShyneIV

How did you become a Colts fan?

Living in Canada have you ever attended an NFL game?

Being a professional basketball player in the Montreal Basketball League have you ever considered a football career?

Fair enough, one hit in football can be career ending. What position on the football field would you equate to your basketball position?

Speaking of safeties Bob Sanders or Troy Polamalu?

Good choice. If you could add any player to the Colts' roster who would it be and why?

What do u think action jacksons odds of scoring this week are?

The Colts lol.

Who is your favorite running back In the NFL?

Hey I am the one asking the questions here! Steven Jackson the best double threat in football.

Okay , do you have a fantasy football team this season?

Ok then. Can I have a prediction of the Colts Rams final score?

I did haha. Best of luck to you and your Colts this week trying keeping your unbeaten streak alive.

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