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Friday, September 18, 2009

Bad News for Steve Slaton Owners

    Every Steve Slaton owners worse nightmare!
Gary Kubiak (Texans head coach) said he'd like for Brown to have 10-12 carries every game.  (The Texans' official site.)

"We'd love to have Chris come out of a game with 10 or 12 carries all the time for our team," Kubiak said. "But we haven't been past the 20-carry mark as a football team in a while, so hopefully we're able to run the ball somewhat effectively, so we get to see them (Brown and Steve Slaton) both. If he's carrying it 10 or 12 times, then I bet we're carrying it 35 times, so that's something we'd like to come out of the game with." Brown carried three times for 15 yards against the Jets last Sunday.  It has yet to be seen which running back will be lined up in the red zone.
This is bad news for disappointed Slaton owners. Meaning he may only see 10-15 carries a game himself and might concede goal line carries to Brown. (Disregard the nonsense from Kubiak who thinks he will run it 35 times a week)

After a terrible week one for Slaton, it only leads owners to believe week 2 will be even worse against a stout Titan Defense. Slaton did tear this defense apart last season. Rushing over 100 yards in the previous two meetings (216 combined) and and  a score. But based on last weeks collapse of the Houston offense, he is a bench candidate if you have reasonable alternative options. 

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