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Friday, September 18, 2009

So I am an Addict I'll Admit it

I wanted to see how I would do after the knowledge of week 1 performances. My 12th team and I told myself I would keep it to five this year....

Round 1
- (6) Child Please - Matt Forte RB

Round 2 (15) Child Please - Steven Jackson RB (I was thinking about Tom Brady because I love his fantasy playoff schedule but decided quarterback wasn't a priority. Plus I have had bad luck drafting QBs high, last year Carson Palmer)

Round 3 (26) Child Please - Kevin Smith RB - I was debating on Smith or Roddy White. Took Smith because 1 time almost ran out, 2 with presence of Tony G., White may lose TD catches and 3 I think Kevin Smith could be this years Steve Slaton.

Round 4 (35) Child Please - Dwayne Bowe WR - surprising week 1 debut with Cassel against the Ravens.

Round 5 (46) Child Please - T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR - Mr. Reliable(Anquan Boldin WR was drafted just 2 picks before me ugh!) 

Round 6 (55) Child Please - Kurt Warner QB - Yes he slipped this far back! So I had to take him. I was hoping to get Hasselbeck as a backup/starter but he went much earlier than in preseason drafts.

Round 7 (66) Child Please - LenDale White RB - I had meant to draft Jonathan Stewart.

Round 8 (75) Child Please - Hines Ward WR - Jonathan Stewart was picked just before...

Round 9 (86) Child Please - Chris Cooley TE - Had a pretty nice opening day where he actually scored! Had to take Cooley when my sleeper John Carlson no longer became a sleeper after week one and was drafted absurdly in round 6.

Round 10 (95) Child Please - Jamal Lewis RB - Packers D who I wanted was just taken. He is a starting back and averaged over 5 yards a carry week 1 against the Vikings Defense.

Round 11 (106) Child Please - Jay Cutler QB - Slipped a lot from preseason drafts. Since he was the best quarterback left I took him. There wasn't much that interested me in this round. 

Round 12 (115) Child Please - Julius Jones RB - Passed up on Fred Jackson for Jones simply because when week 4 comes around Jackson's value is uncertain with the return of Lynch. Julius Jones is a starter at a bargain basement price. Fantasy wise he is flex until he proves he is a legitimate threat.

Round 13 (126) Child Please - Dustin Keller TE - Wasn't really any worthy receivers left except Steve Smith. Keller went unnoticed in this draft even after posting an impressive 4 catches for 94 yards in week 1.

Round 14 (135) Child Please - Willis McGahee RB - Ravens goal line back in a time share with Ray Rice, niiice!

Round 15 (146) Child Please - Colts D/ST - Everyone must have drafted 3 Defenses! Not a bad pick up though, we will see how it folds out.

Round 16 (155) Child Please - Lawrence Tynes K - Sleep on in most leagues. The Giants produced one of the most reliable and high scoring fantasy kickers last year in the ageless  John Carney. Tynes back after an injury keep him out most of last season, should produce similar results. He went 3 for 3 in week 1.

Having never drafted after the season started I thought everyone starts out 0-0, WRONG. It takes your starting roster based on your draft and gives you week 1 score.
Luckily my team won last week haha even though they didn't exist yet. Whoo close 78-74. Nice to get a win without worrying about lineup.
How do you think I did? 

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