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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Trades Thus Far

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Week 1 before any games were played I traded Derrick Ward for Reggie Bush.I honestly believe if Bush gets 10 carries or more every week he will be a fantasy monster. He was a top 5 back last year before his injury.
This looked like a poor trade after week 1 but after week 2 let's compare their stats.

21 Carries> 17 Carries - Advantage Derrick Ward
94 Rushing Yards> 47 Rushing Yards - Advantage Derrick Ward
Rushing 1 TD= 1 Rushing TD- Tie
Receptions 3 < Receptions 8- Advantage Reggie Bush
Receiving Yards 26 < Receiving Yards 97 - Advantage Reggie Bush
Fantasy Points 17 =Fantasy Points 17 -Tie
Winner -Tie
I feel Bush has the edge though

Week 3 I traded Cadillac Williams for Brandon Jacobs. I find no real value in Williams and sought to pick up a stud at a low buy.

20 Carries (One less than Derrick Ward) < 32 Carries - Advantage Jacobs
106 Rushing Yards> 104 Rushing Yards - Advantage Williams
Rushing 1 TD= 0 Rushing TD - Advantage Williams
Receptions 7 < Receptions 2- Advantage Williams
Receiving Yards 56 < Receiving Yards 17 - Advantage Williams
Receiving TDs 1 > Receiving TDs 0 - Advantage Williams
Fantasy Points 10 < Fantasy Points 26 - Advantage Williams
Winner -ME haha

Based on the first 2 weeks Williams is the better running back. Take away his two scores and there is not much of a difference.
Jacobs scored 15 times last season I see no reason why he can't put up at least 10 this season. Also, Jacobs rushed over 40 yards in the first two weeks, while Williams rushed 97 week one and only 9 in week 2 against the Bills. Tampa has the second most pass attempts behind the Patriots because of their lack of defense so they are not the run team everyone anticipated. I see a lot of mediocre performances in Williams future. What do you guys think about my trades?

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