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Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 2 - The Week from Hell

My one win....

I went 1-10 in my fantasy teams this week after 6-6 last week. 9 of those losses were within 10 or less. I made a few bad decisions on who to start (benching Rivers cost me quite a bit of my games, and benching Clark cost me one, also one me my only win) , and was punished for drafted Forte and Slaton on the same teams. Hasselbeck getting hurt didn't help either. My biggest reason for losing were receivers. I had my receivers do well in one league with Roddy White and Steve Smith (NYG) and Deshaun Jackson on my bench. But I had Greg Jennings and Santana Moss against Colston and V.Jackson which was a 37 point favor in their direction (So far it seems like everyone is having a great day against me, their luck will change muhaha) . A lot my guys have under achieved thus far Forte cough cough. I am not happy. But if you are struggling at the beginning of the season like me don't fret! I went 3-0 last season in a league and that was the only league I missed the playoff finishing with 5 wins. I went 0-3 and won championships last year. The first few weeks well wins are important what is most important is moving the right roster moves, understanding who you can count on, and realizing what Defenses are no nos and which ones are cake walks.

I was kinda lax on the updates here last week. I thought I was set. Now I realize I got some tweeking to do not too much though. I am confident in my teams now I know where my players stand so start sit should be down pat next week.

I try to have the best team possible, as all should strive for. Last year I had a starting lineup high 90s and a bench high 90s. I had the proof, I'll post it when I get around to it.

Any ways best of luck

If your week 2 was hell like mine and your ego has been bruised remember it is a long season. The first few weeks are like getting your cast taken off your broken arm. It feels funny at first, stinks, it is awkward but eventually it is as if it was never broken. Next week will be better, learn from your mistakes.

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