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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's See How I Did Week One Predictions NFL Scores

I went 12-4 not too shabby

 Titans 10 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 13

Miami Dolphins 7 vs. Atlanta Falcons 19

Kansas City Chiefs 24 vs. Baltimore Ravens 38

Philadelphia Eagles 38 vs. Carolina Panthers 10

Minnesota Vikings 34 Cleveland Browns 20

New York Jets 24 vs. Houston Texans 7 Leon Washington had 15 (60) carries to Thomas Jones 20 (107 and TD)

Detroit Lions 27 vs. New Orleans Saints 45

Jacksonville Jaguars 12 vs. Indianapolis Colts 14 - I had to support my team.

Dallas Cowboys 34 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21

Denver Broncos 12 vs. Cincinnati Bengals 7 - Did you see the ending of this game? 
Washington Redskins 17 vs. New York Giants 23 - Redskins scored their first touchdown on fake field goal. 

San Francisco 49ers 20 vs. Arizona Cardinals 16 - I guess I forgot the Cardinals went 8-8 last year. They completed shut down Frank Gore holding him to 30 yards on 22 carries and still loss. It is important to note both Anquan Boldin was limited and Steve Breaston did not play. 

St. Louis Rams 0 vs.
Seattle Seahawks 28 - Shocked the Rams didn't even score. Hasselbeck is back! Seattle could be one of the more surprising teams on 2009 after last years collaspe.

Chicago Bears 15 vs. Green Bay Packers 21 - Why did I pick the Bears? Oh yeah because I thought this guy named Matt Forte would tear them up. Nope, 55 yards on 25 carries.  The Packers defense look fantastic, consider picking them up in your league if they are available. The main reason for the Bears loss was Cutler threw a career high 4 interceptions! Funny I was rooting for the Packers even though I had picked Bears, what was I thinking?

Buffalo Bills 24 vs.
New England Patriots 25 - Close game the Bills gave it away literally. Instead of downing it in the end-zone. The Bills kicker returner ran it out and fumbled giving the Patriots the ball in the red-zone under two minutes in the fourth quarter. 

San Diego Chargers 24 vs. Oakland Raiders 20  Michael Bush had 12 (55) carries while derrick mcfadden had 17 (68).

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