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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Start Sit Quarterbacks Week 1 2009

Start Quarterbacks

1. Drew Brees vs. Det - Cha-ching! You have won the lottery!
2. Tom Brady vs Buf
3. Kurt Warner vs. SF
4. Phillip Rivers vs Oak - I am a little weary of Nnamdi Asomugha shutting down Vincent Jackson. But this shouldn’t be much of a factor.
5. Peyton Manning vs. Jac - Playing the Jaguars who have major issues in their secondary. He had his best game of the season week 16 against this team.
6. Aaron Rodgers vs Chi
7. Matt Hasselbeck vs. STL
8. Jay Cutler vs. GB
9. Donovan McNabb vs. Car
10. David Garrard vs. Indy - He like Manning had his best game week 16 last year
11. Tony Romo vs. TB
12. Matt Schaub vs. NYJ
13. Joe Flacco vs. KC
14. Shaun Hill vs Ari – He has huge sleeper poential this season.
15. Chad Pennington vs. Atl

Sit Quarterbacks

Ben Rothlisburger vs. Tenn
Jake Delhomme vs. Phi
Trent Edwards vs NE- They just fired their offensive coordinator.
Kerry Collins vs. Pitt (Not even roster worthy)
Matt Ryan vs. Mia - I will wait for him to prove he is a top 10 quarterback. Miami’s defense is underrated.
Brett Favre vs. Cle
Kyle Orton vs. Cini – His pointer finger broke the skin ouch. His preseason porformace has been suspect.
Matt Cassel vs. Balt I don’t think he will even play. If he does it will not be pretty.
JaMarcus Russell vs. SD
Jason Campbell vs NYG
Byron Leftwich vs. Dal
Carson Palmer vs. Den – Nice matchup on paper but I want to see a healthy Palmer play first.
Marc Bulger vs. Stl – Why would he even be on your roster? He may have been a great quarterback if he was on a different team but he is not, just look at his career stats.
Mark Sanchez vs. Hou Rookie debut best to avoid
Jason Campbell vs. NYG
Brady Quinn vs. – Hasn’t had enough experience, he has only started 3 games in his carreer.
Eli Manning vs. Was

1 comment:

  1. great call on brees. 6 tds well on his way to another record breaking season. keep up the good work.

    Eric Feld