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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sorry, but you have been CUT!

Time to get rid of the excess baggage and add a player to your roster who can be a contributor.


Jake Delhomme 5 turnover game tsk tsk. Even on a good week he doesn't have much of an upside.

Chad Pennington there are plenty of quarterbacks available with a higher ceiling.

Running Backs

Earnest Graham oh how the tables have turned. It looked like Graham would be Tampa's lead back. Now he is third wheel in a committee. Not much value unless someone gets hurt.

Shonn Greene is a rookie who will see little action unless Washington or Jones gets hurt.

Wide Receivers

Anthony Gonzalez may miss up to 8 weeks. He wasn't much of a fantasy factor anyway.

Hakeem Nicks is also injured.

Jeremy Maclin Eagles have way too many weapons for this rookie to be roster worthy.

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