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Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL Week 1 Predictions

My week one picks
Titans at Pittsburgh – Hardest pick, I originally picked the Titans then decided the Steelers playing at home gives them the edge.
Dolphins at Atlanta
Chiefs at Baltimore
Eagles at Carolina
Broncos at Cincinnati
Vikings at Cleveland
Jets at Houston
Lions at New Orleans
Jaguars at Indianapolis – It is week one, I still have high hopes for my team.
Cowboys at Tampa Bay
49ers at Arizona
Redskins at New York
Rams at Seattle – Seattle has the edge but I am a strong believer in Steven Jackson.
Bears at Green Bay – Love Aaron Rodgers drafted him 10th round in most my leagues last year on a hunch. But I think Forte will be too much for the Packer Defense.
Bills at New England 
Chargers at Oakland

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